A mother has the power to impact millions of people

Ruby Sengar
6 min readMay 10, 2022

All that I am, or ever hope to be, I owe to my angel mother.” — Abraham Lincoln

For greatness you don’t need money or material things, you just need a mother and the teachings of a great teacher. As there is mother’s day in the last weekend, I want to share my thoughts on Mother’s greatness that can impact people in a big way! I love to watch biographies of great people, inspirational movies, and reading books.

I have seen great people who made history were influenced by their mother’s values and teachings. Abraham Lincoln, Maya Angelou, Mother Teresa, Mahatma Gandhi, and lot of other legends, all are influenced by their mother and followed their mothers’ teachings throughout their life.

God created a mother to protect her child and save her kids from any situation. A child or any person who is in pain always remembers their mom in dark times. She has a 24*7 job as a mother and spent her whole life taking care of kids. It is scientifically proved that when a child is in her womb, she can impact her child by the right and positive thinking. This is why the doctor always suggests reading and watching good things during pregnancy.

She takes care day and night first two-three years until the kids are not able to walk and talk. A child’s initial 5 years are very important to develop the brain of the kids. If we feed them good things and values this time it will shape their character. Whatever she infuses since childhood stays with us for a lifetime and that impacts people around us which we transfer from generation to generation.

When I was watching the movie ’Gifted hand’ (The Ben Carson M.D. story) I was so inspired by the story, his mother was a maid and hardly able to earn money but she send her kid to the library and focus on the kids’ character and education. The hard work of that lady invested wisely, and fruity. Her child became a big Doctor and helped many people through the valuable teachings by her mother. It was the inspiration for a lot of mothers, that they have the power to build the character of their kids so that they can be better husband/wife and responsible citizens.

I have seen, people being abused in their childhood, not loved, or listened to, leads them to drugs, alcohol, and crime. These kids are not taken care of properly and are not loved in their life. As a mother, we should raise our kids in such a way that help them to grow and flourish in this world. We can help them to become a better husband/ wife.

How a mother can help and build the future of her kids and the next generations-

Nature made the woman in such a way so that she can nurture the baby in her womb with love, and with great patience. Our mother gave her amazing lessons of kindness, compassion, courage, and love. That is always with us, and we have the capacity to transfer it with our kids and a lot of people. This is the power of our mother. Earlier times motherhood was not as hard as now, earlier they have a limited world around them.

In today’s world, things are different, women are more career-oriented, and distractions all around in social media, affect our physical as well as mental health. Still, we have the power to take decisions, and we can take control of anything once we become more conscious and focus on what really matters to us. These are the things we can teach our kids to give them a better future-

  1. Unconditional love-

When a child is born, her first touch is given by her mother, which gives an infant a sense of security. A mother’s love for her kids is always unconditional. On this entire planet, the most amazing relationship is the mother-child’s love. A child’s heart will never be empty if her mother pours her love into him/her. Teach your kids the power of love by showing love and compassion towards people.

2. Values-

Mother plays a very important role in our life. Whatever we learn the values since childhood are wired by our mother. Most of the time, our childhood is spent watching our mother. We learn those things and also carry them forward throughout our life. Those values will help you to shape your character and how you are going to thrive in your life. Teach them to respect others, and be fair, and kind.

3. Spiritual Teachings-

Teach your kids spiritual values since childhood. I was raised with a mother who have great faith in God, which help me to develop my faith by watching her. Do prayers with them every day, so that they will learn the same. When they will hit by life and face the demons, they know where to go. Spirituality will help your kid always when a child misleads by others and choose the wrong path. Your child should always know, that God is always with us.

4. Give support when your child needs it-

When a child cries, the first name he remembers is his mother. It happens with adults too, when we are in pain, our mother is the one whom we can trust most. In your busy schedule, if you have to make tough decisions, your decision should always be for the welfare of your kids. If you will support your kids when they need it, they will learn the lesson of being responsible, cared and loved.

5. Adjustments and Sacrifice-

We are grown up in a culture where we learned how to adjust. When we were raised we have seen our mothers doing adjustments and sacrificing things for others’ happiness in a family. But now kids have so many options around them. When they demand the things we gave them many options. This way they learned, and they can get many things when they wish for. It is very important to teach them that they can’t get all the things, when life will hit hard, they should know how to adjust. This power is very important to have a better family and relations.

6. Inspirational Stories-

Read and narrate to your kids the stories which are inspirational and that teach life lessons. When you feed your kid’s minds with those stories, they can remember them always. And these are the stories that help them to achieve great things in life. They will connect with the stories and reflect on them when they face tough situations in life. You can take the library and can buy books online. Give them a collection of these books so that they can read more. Always remember kids learn better when they listen to or read any example or story.

Nowadays, families are separating, and family disputes and divorces. Single mothers and fathers are struggling with work and kids together. It’s making their life miserable, frustrating, and impacting their mental health. which is not good for the upbringing of the kids and that impacts generations. In the future, kids will not understand the value of family if it continues so.

If you want to make a great kid and bring a change in society, we women have to take steps and decisions to do so. If you are a father and husband, who are reading this article, appreciate your spouse and a mother for taking care of your kids well. And always help them to reduce their workload.

Always remember for building a great kid, you have to be a great mom and dad first.

Stay Healthy and Safe!!

Ruby Sengar

Author, founder of thehealthykingdom, blogger, mother, Nature & God lover