Are you listening to your intuition…a guiding voice within you?

Ruby Sengar
7 min readJul 23, 2022

Believe in yourself” is the quote, that we listened to all the time to overcome any situation.

When I heard this, I was thinking about who is yourself, as we are layered since childhood, what our parents told us, what our teachers and relatives labeled you, we are chasing society, and what are in the trends to survive in this world. It took me many years to believe in myself and listen to the voice which is coming from my heart. Our own intuition is suppressed by others’ opinions and judgments. In the day-to-day, busy life, it’s hard to listen and follow our hearts. Whole life we are chasing money, as we have to put bread and butter for our family.

Have you ever thought about what are things that other successful and legendary people did? What voice derives them?

We all have a similar human body, two hands, two eyes, and similar brains, some of them may be smarter than others. But that’s not the point, people who reached the Top are not the always smartest people. They hire smart people to work for them. So what is the thing that successful people do? People, who have achieved success in life are the people who listened to their intuition. The voice which is guiding them through. You can find this voice always if you will allow listening.

When you are working in a perfect workplace, everything is right, but you are not happy there? What is the thing that is calling to you? You are getting some symptoms and messages to move forward in your life and achieve something bigger, that you are born for.

I know one of the Spiritual Coaches, she was in the nursing field for 11 years, but she was not happy there and want to do something bigger in their life that give meaning to her life. She got the calling to help people to open their spiritual gifts and help to find their soul purpose.

When I was reading the book of Swami Vivekanand, He got the voice of helping people in finding the heir path to spirituality, He went from the east to the west to spread spirituality. And teach the lesson and values that impacted numbers of people.

If you take the example of Thomas Edison, He got the vision of inventing bulbs and get the intuition that was leading him towards the invention of the electric bulb, irrespective of thousand of failures, he resisted what voices were coming inside of him and created history.

Your intuition is a helping guide or you can say the voice of God/ Universe, working through your soul. that helps to move forward on the right path. There is always two voice that comes from inside, and you better know what is the right one.

Your intuition always helps you to take the right path that is always best for you. There are the following ways to listen to your intuition-

  • It is emotionally neutral
  • Not influenced by the material things
  • Show the right path
  • Always help with the problem
  • Lead to a safe, honest, truthful path

I remember when I was going Library with my kids, I was looking for books for my kids and after some time I was checking books for grown-ups, a voice came to see the book of Mother Teresa, I love the message she provided, and the work she did.

I read just the introduction but couldn’t get the book home. A few days later when I was giving an order some books for self-improvement, my inner voice came to order the book of Mother Teresa. So I did, I ordered three books but when the book came I started to read the book ‘biography of Mother Teresa’ first. The other two books are still waiting to open. I realized later, why I was interested to read that book. The book is going to help me to inspire on the path that I choose.

My mission is to contribute to make world a better place, sharing right information regarding health, mind and spirituality, supporting orphanages, and poor people. And we are doing this with so much passion, and we are also helping Orphanage in Kenya and other religious communities to feed poor people.

Mother Teresa is the inspiration for me and for a lot of people to help poor and needy people. My intuition was helping me to choose the path that I am born with to be fulfilled.

In the same way, every person may have a different path in their life, Your intuition will take you, where you really belong and can give the best of you. It can be anything, opening a new business, becoming a leader, helping the community, becoming an artist, an author, and an entrepreneur.

Some people may get confused with the voice sometime. Let me clear it, a voice that is under influence of greed, jealousy, lust, and other material thing is not your intuition,

For example, when you go to the bar and your voice comes from inside that to drink alcohol, and one more voice will also come to stop drinking, it’s not right for you. If you will choose the voice which is under influence of addiction. You took the wrong decision. If you choose that voice, which is the real voice of your soul and will save you from future adversities.

Our mind is full of thoughts. These thoughts have different sources. Many people may get confused with the voice of desires imagination, instinct, and intuition, let me clarify them!

Differences between, desires, imagination, instinct, and intuition!

Desires- Desires are the one which is telling you to achieve the thing to be happy and comfortable. It requires instant gratification. It is influenced by others. You can have the desire for anything, buying the latest gadgets, cars, dresses, etc. These things tell you to get happiness outside things.

Imagination — Imagination is a kind of creating any situation, place, or event that is directed by your brain on the basis of the data you have recorded in your subconscious mind. You can create it any time.

Instinct- Instinct is an innate behavior and helps to protect and survive in any situation. We all have instincts, we use them when we are in danger situation. Your mind is hard-wired to protect you from any threat.

For example-

  1. Mother or parental instinct
  2. Animal instinct

Intuition- Intuition is the voice that tells what is right or wrong? It helps you to choose the right path. It also helps in relationships, careers, and working with new projects. Intuition helps you to differentiate vibes that are coming after meeting some people or choosing any career.

How to be more clear to listen to your intuition-

  • Sit in silence,
  • Ask questions to God/Universe,
  • Quiet your mind or distracting thoughts,
  • Do meditation,
  • Read books or listen to motivational or spiritual audiobooks,
  • Trust the voice of your heart,

In a scientific way, Intuition is part of your subconscious mind. In spirituality, it has a different sense, beyond your body or brain, you have a life force, a source of energy that is your soul, which is connected to your heart. Sometimes your heart gives a signal or vision that your brain doesn’t know, the brain gives you direction to take action but the inner voice is coming from your heart.

It happened many times to me, I listen to the voice that is directing me to do something which I never thought about earlier. This voice is so compelling that will lead you the way that your soul is telling you.

You will know the destination but don’t know how to reach it, you will take every step one by one as directed by your inner voice. You just have to trust your intuition.

The Path may be difficult but the results are far better than your imagination. You can find many people who found their life path by listening to their intuition. A lot of people make decisions rationally not intuitionally, that will give them temporary satisfaction but not fulfilling their life purpose.

A few examples who listened to their intuition and created amazing history are Mother Teresa, Steve Job, Neil Bohr, Steven Speilberg, Oprah Winfrey, and many others, who listened to their intuition and got extraordinary results.

The bottom line is that we have to make many decisions in our life either, it is a career, relations, workplace, and society. Are we making those decisions, in the influence of the outside world, material things, greed, hatred, or ego Or we are listening to our intuition, our inner voice of heart which will take us always the right path?

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Ruby Sengar

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