Digital Detox has changed my life!!!

Ruby Sengar
5 min readSep 30, 2022

By Ruby Sengar

Using technology is not bad but how you are using, it’s important. You can use technology as a tool for the enhancement of your mission and projects and purpose in life.

In fact, I will say Technology is a great tool if we will learn how to use it wisely. Technology was created to help people and increase their productivity. But over time, we didn’t know how to use it carefully, people who know better use it can create better results tremendously.

When I Joined Facebook earlier, I used it for posting pictures showing our vacations and great moments. I didn’t know I was used to it so much, I was playing games and putting status and waiting for likes and comments. And when I saw other people better than me, It created envy and inferiority about me. It was so much time-consuming and mentally it was impacting me. Whenever I posted something, I waited for what will be a response to my status. That was draining my energy.

One day I decided to delete my account and create a space where I can grow myself internally. I went on Digital Detox, I focused more on my family and my spiritual growth. I started to read more books. Later I realized, I was using social media so wrong.

After that one thought came to share the knowledge with the people for the betterment of their life, so I started sharing knowledge on my Facebook Page and used to share spiritual teachings on that page, and people started to follow that page. Then I started my motivational and Health and wellness page. Many followers started to join my pages, who read those Quotes and messages. The point is here that earlier I was not using social media in the right way, but later I learned to use it for the welfare of people to increase their wellness and growth.

Social Media is not for showing your personal things all the time. Keep your private things to yourself. It is not necessary to get appreciation from others that will make you happy. There will be very few people who will be happy with your happiness, and vacations. Everyone is looking for their own happiness and growth. We should use social media by sharing information that is going to help others and for uplifting each other.

Ruby Sengar

Author, founder of thehealthykingdom, blogger, mother, Nature & God lover