How to cope with Stress !!!

Every person nowadays is facing the problem of stress. If you will see people around you, they are going through some kind of stress. This stress can be of any kind, career, relation, job, family, kids, health, finance. Once you overcome one situation then the next one is waiting for you. And this thing will keep going on. As we all know, stress is never-ending, it will keep coming. Here I will explain to you the secret to coping with stress in our life. First, we should dig deep into it.

What is stress?

Stress is the gap between capacity and demands. When you have so many demands and you have no capacity to fulfill them. You start to take the stress. For example, you have many projects lined up and you have no time to finish them on time. You will start to take the stress.

In other words, stress is the insight that reminds you that something is not right. If you get that alarm, it’s time to fix your problem. Stress is not always bad. Initially, stress will give you a click that is an alarming sign for you.

Your mind is designed to protect you and actively work for survival. So whatever is the sign of insecurity or danger your mind will give you an alert. If you did not understand that alert and avoid it, it may be severe afterward and harmful to your overall health and can create tons of diseases.

Stress may take you to the path of addictions. If you want to avoid stress temporarily, you may attract smoking, alcohol, drugs, and other addictive habits.

Stress can be helpful, if you are aware of and understand that alert sign, fix it as soon as possible. If you are avoiding stress and not working to fix that situation, it may result in chronic pain. This phase of stress is harmful to us.

Stress can be contagious or infectious, if you are going to meetings and returning home to family, replying to emails and msgs with a stressful mind, it can be transferred to other people. A stressful mind always attracts negativity, hatred, and anger.

How to instantly change a stressful mind into a positive mind

When you want to deal with stress, first you need to know more about how your mind works.

Your mind is designed in such a way that it grasps more negativity rather than positivity. Nowadays all around us, there are so many distractions, information, and news. If you are not conscious about yourself and your environment, you can feed anything that will increase the level of your stress. There are the following ways that will help your mind to be calm, positive and boost your energy in stress and help you to be more focused and productive.

1. Conscious breathing-

When you are under stress, and your energy is draining. It is time to take a break and start to focus on your breathing. when taking a deep breath, it instantly oxidizes to your mind. Your toxic mind starts to change and it boosts the energy that works as fuel for your body and you are able to focus more on work. and solving the problem that causes stress.

2. Gratitude -

Gratitude is helpful in our daily life. When you are grateful, your mind instantly changes the stressed mind into happy emotions. When you are grateful for the life you are given, food on the table, family to share all your moments with, you feel blessed. Grateful works as magic for your mind. It gives you more positivity that will help you figure out things.

3. Shift your mind to joyful memories-

When you think about positive memories and any moments, that brings joy to your face and your mindset changes. You can see any photographs, videos or see any things that make you happy. When you think of those moments, you will see you are not stressed anymore.

4. Walkthrough Nature-

When you walk around with Nature. Your soul feels joy and happiness. Your negative energy started to shift into positive energies. The reason behind it is that we humans are part of this nature. When we see the trees, mountains, rivers, and all-natural things we instantly feel great, and that shifts our energy to positive ones.

5. Serve to less fortunate-

All creations on the earth are made to serve each other. Humans are also part of this nature. When we serve the people, who are less fortunate or people who are in need, our souls feel joy and a feeling of fulfillment. We feel satisfied and great about ourselves. That boosts your energy and shifts your mind into a positive one.

6. Connect to your loved ones-

Humans are social animals. We feel great when we connect with people. Go out with your friends and join some communities and listen and interact with people. If you are an introverted personality, connect with your loved ones. Call your mom dad, spend quality time with your spouse and kids. It will give you a feeling of security and happiness.

7. Humor -

People love humor. When a person has a great sense of humor, we instantly like that person. Humor releases happy emotions and helps people to relieve stress and any trauma at that time. Your heart feels happy and pleasant. Laughter is helpful medicine for every disease. When you are hosting a meeting and giving a presentation, humor is helpful to make the meeting or event interactive and live.

8. Take a power nap-

A powerful nap is always helpful when you are tired or stressed. Sleep helps you to recharge your body and mind. When you sleep, your body works on repairing all damaged parts of your body, removing all toxins, and energizing your body. When possible, take a powerful Nap, it will help you to be more focused and productive.

9. Reading or listening to positive stories-

When you are stressed and feeling negative. It’s time to feed your mind with positivity. Negativity is like a weed, You can not stop the negativity by putting a cap on it. Once you start to listen or read positive talks about anything that you are looking for, it can be about self-growth, relationships, family, kids, finance, or Spirituality, Your life will start to change. Your mind will give you more positive thoughts and be more energetic to solve your problem.

10. Listening to Music-

Music fill life in anything. There is no one on this planet who won’t love music. When you listen to music, it can help your mind to shift your focus from a stressed mind to a joyful mind. Music helps to relax and fill juice in your life. You will start to enjoy it instantly. You can listen to the music at any time as per your preferences. It is recommended to listen to calm and meditation music to relax your mind.

How to get rid of stress !!

You will change your stressed mindset into a positive mindset from the above points. You will find the energy to focus more in finding solutions. If you really want to get rid of stress permanently, you should take the following steps-

1. Appreciate-

When you get the alarming sign of stress, it means it’s time to take action. You can not avoid the problem. You have to appreciate rather than complain.

2. Ask the question -

It’s time to ask you the questions to you. What is the real problem that causes stress? How can you fix the problem? What will be the consequences? What is the urgency? Analyze the whole picture that can give you an overall view.

3. Take decisions -

Once you find the real problem, it’s time to take action. You should have the courage to stand and make decisions. Take decisions wisely that benefit you and your loved ones. You can make the stress chronic if you don’t make decisions at the right time.

Bottom line is that stress is the insight, that alarms of coming problems. First, you need to boost your energy to deal with problems, so that you can be more focused. Face your situation and make wise decisions to get rid of stress before it goes chronic.

Stay Healthy and Safe!!



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Ruby Sengar

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