How to move from Failure to Success?

By Ruby Sengar

What is success?? For many people, Success is in terms of Financial, or Monetary achievement, or for others it can be famous public Image, For some getting success in their love life.

Success is not the final destination of particular one thing, Success is the sense of accomplishment. It can be at any age, any time. when a child learn walking after trying many times, That first step is success for him. Little little sets of Success brings a big success .

All matter is you keep going and achieving your goals, that can be in the professional, personal and in social.

Steps for Success

Fundamental steps of success of any thing are given below:

1. Be the best Critics of You. Learn from your mistakes, and be ready for next time. That doesn’t mean that you are blaming yourself, find the thing that you are lacking to succeed. Be like professionals.

2. Consistent & Persistent with experimenting. You should always keep trying but that doesn’t mean that you always try, try & try & fail & fail. Trying on stony wall is not worthy. You should keep looking new approaches and experimenting. Thomas Edison had tried 1000 times and experimenting new approaches succeeded him to invent electric light Bulb.

3. You should think always that there is always a solution. If you think positive, you can find the way. If you think negative, you will find 1000 way to fail.

4. Don’t blame on Luck. If people fail they blame on Luck, People said Let the ball bounce. The ball bouncing always depends on who is throwing & how he is throwing. How the Luck is made? luck is made by your actions. If you think good, think positive, do good & keep trying new solution, Luck is in your control.

5. Take a setback, a vacation, that make you relax and fresh and then come back again .

6. Don’t worry about what the other people think of you. People will always think some thing, they don’t even understand what you are going through, and after some time they will be busy on their own stuff. You should think about yourself.

7. Change Your environment, if you feel that you can’t focus on the thing, stay away from the negative people, surround yourself with the people who motivate you, who inspire you.

8. Always check the positive side in your past, things happen for a reason, there will be always something good, the worst situation always make you stronger.

9. Program your Mind every day, see your vision, goal & dream every morning & Night, that will prepare your mind and not allow to distract you.

10. Develop Healthy Habits, Healthy diet, proper sleep , exercise or any physical activities & last but not least be grateful what you have, count your blessings every morning.

Best wishes to you everyone!!

Stay Healthy and Safe!!



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Ruby Sengar

Ruby Sengar

Author, founder of thehealthykingdom, blogger, mother, Nature & God lover