How to overcome the obstacles that life throws at you!!!

Strength does not come from winning. Your struggles develop your strengths. When you go through hardships and decide not to surrender, that is strength.” Arnold Schwarzenegger”

Legends and the winners are always the people who struggle and overcome the obstacles in their life. Problems and struggles don’t come to destroy you they come to make you stronger and help to become a better version of yourself. You can find problems anywhere in life. Life is all about keep going and overcoming the situations that life threw at you. You have all the solutions that you need it. Embrace the power within you, you can figure out any situation.

You can find different kinds of obstacles in the following

  1. Health
  2. Carrer
  3. Relationships, kids & family
  4. Finance
  5. Sudden tragedy
  6. Failures and more

There are the following ways you can overcome the obstacles-

1. Analysis-

If you are stuck in your life. You are not getting where should you go. You need to sit in silence and analyze all situations. What are you facing and why are you in that situation? If you will write it down, you will find all of your answers. How can you come out of that situation?

What are the resources available and what will be the consequences if not meeting with it? When you analyze all situations, you will have all ideas about what obstacles are coming your way. Make a list of the things that you can d do to solve the problems.

2. Stop Overthinking-

Once you find out your situation, and resources, it will give you clear steps to deal with the problems. The real problems come when you overthink any situation and make your problem bigger than earning in your mind. Successful people don’t waste their time and energy on overthinking. They have their plans and strategy to deal with it.

You can delay the things by researching, and thinking about what other people will say. You should put the cap on those negative thoughts and fill your mind with positivity, faith and hope. You can watch videos and read book that may help you to overcome the challenges.

3. Prioritize -

Prioritize your work. Learn the habit of prioritizing your work, if you have so many things to do. Your energy and time will go into chasing those things. You will not have to time what really matters to you. Your health, family, and work are the most important things that matter to you most.

No matter what you have to show up to fulfill these responsibilities. You can categorize the things which are important to you. You can take the help of the Eisenhower, Matrix, it is a way to organize your work on the basis of urgency and importance and an effective way to prioritize your work

When you have urgent and important work, do it now, such as health & family problems, deadlines of any project, any crisis. If something is important but not urgent such as planning, relationship, learning the skills and courses schedule it.

If something is urgent and not important should be avoided such as notifications of apps and messages, email checking, and unnecessary interruption of any calls and meetings. Schedule for later whenever you have free time. Things that are not urgent and important should be deleted like unproductive time spent on tv, unnecessary shopping, browsing, and gossiping, avoid wasting your time on it. If you have more time for productive things, You can figure out every situation.

4. Seek help -

When you are stuck in any problem, it’s time to seek the help of the people. In this internet era, there is full of information when you google and find a lot of videos on YouTube. This platform can distract you, you can take the help of any coach, or specialist, or discuss it with your trusted friend who has a great experience on it.

When you seek help, you can find different perspectives and ways to solve your problem. There are many people who have gone through the situations that we are facing, we are not alone in our journey. We should read and listen to them through books and videos. That gives you hope and courage to deal with your problems

5. Listen to the voice of your heart-

When you sit in silence and listen to your heart, you will seek the answers, that you were looking. If you believe in God/Universe, just sit anywhere, and pray, your prayers will always listen and vibration is going in Universe it will come back to you.

There is always some power, who guides you always, you just have to remove the noise around you and follow your intuition. You may be confused sometimes, is this my mind, imagination, or what? But when you are stuck somewhere and deeply asked something to God/Universe, you will always be answered and this is the voice of your heart through GOD/Universe.

6. It’s time to take a decision-

When you are stuck in some problems, you can not avoid all the time. The situation will never change with the same situation. you need to shift your energy, your lifestyle, and habits. You need to reset the button. After analyzing everything, you can not sit forever in the same situation. You have to take some decisions and stick with it.

Nothing will change in your life if you are only thinking about it, and not taking any actions. If you want to overcome any challenges that you are going through, you have to make some decisions. People who have the power to take decisions can figure out the solutions that they don’t want in their life. Always remember, you have always the power to make your destiny.

7. You can’t control external things-

We can not control all things. It is never been in our control. Things change consistently and happened sometimes in our favor and sometimes not, this is life. We should focus on the things that we can control, and for rest we should accept it as life is. You will be burned out if you will try to control all the things.

Do your best whatever you can control and right for you. Do not waste your time and energy thinking negative things, always look forward and what potential opportunities you can find out. Difficult times make you strong and more experienced, your wisdom is to learn from your mistakes and failures not hold the guilt feeling for a long time.

The Bottom Line is that we all are here to play our role in life, we see both happy moments and sad moments. When difficulty comes, it is our mindset that sees only problems and not the solutions. Every problem comes with some solution. Be grateful for what you have in life and be optimistic and have a growth mindset to overcome any obstacles that life throws at you!!

Stay Healthy and Safe!!



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Ruby Sengar

Ruby Sengar

Author, founder of thehealthykingdom, blogger, mother, Nature & God lover