Is technology making human slaves, myth or truth?

By Ruby Sengar

In today’s time, we humans are surrounded by technology everywhere. Technology are first introduced with the intention to help humans to save time and work efficiently. With the passage of time, technology became the part of our life and we are using technology in a different way that creates frustration and depression among humans. Human, instead using his internal power, prefer browsing to find solution in every situation.

I remember one day when I woke up, I felt helpless, as there was a sudden power outage. There was no food and no electricity, no internet. I couldn’t prepare breakfast and lunch for my family.That made me realize that we modernized our home with technology that is controlling us in a big way. We are fully dependent on it, you will see, it is hard for us to survive a day without technology.

Technology is all around us whether it is your cooking utensils, gadgets, your home furniture, workplace and now cars, all are dependent on it. Technology is becoming the reason for unemployment to some extent. The things which are handled by humans earlier, now that job is done very quickly by technology and man-made robots.

In warehouses, people are replaced by robots and Machines. Gas is fueled by yourself, earlier it was helped by paid people there. Billing is now available as a self-checkout. We don’t need others to help check out the bills.

There are so many apps available that provide you with so much help to your health, accounting and finances. That is causing unemployment to some extent. The big entrepreneurs are becoming richer because of it and average people are struggling to put food on the table because of unemployment.

Back in the early days, we mostly used our minds to calculate math problems, remember phone no. and the date of others’ birthdays, but now it is just a one-click far away. Yes, technology is helping us to do work quickly and efficiently. But we are going a little far from the real world that Nature/Universe designed for us.

People at home and in social places isolate themselves. when you look around any public area, they are all looking at phones and gadgets. Family members are in their own world. They have time for others, not for their loved ones. If we think consciously, technology is making us too dependent on it.

People are getting so much information in this IT world. When you see one negative piece of information you will be served so much negative news on your browser. Humans are surrounded by tons of distractions and controlling their minds is now in the hands of technology.

The bottom line is that I can not say it is truth or myth, but this fact is not hidden by anyone. We should use technology as a tool and use our mind and heart to make better decisions, so that we can make our community and the world a better place to live.

Stay Healthy and safe!!



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Ruby Sengar

Ruby Sengar

Author, founder of thehealthykingdom, blogger, mother, Nature & God lover