Little help has the power to change the whole world!!

By Ruby Sengar

We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.Winston Churchill

Since childhood, we are taught that we should help each other. But are we really helping each other? We are so much stuck in our own affairs and things, we don’t have time to help others. A lot of workloads, family responsibilities, health problems, and personal things. We are so much involved in these things we can not think out of this box. We are so much layered with the perception that there are many people outside who are thugs and can cheat and trick you. Because of that we are not even thinking to help others who really need help.

This is missing the essence of helping. There are still people outside, they genuinely need us. If we can share some of our money, clothes, and food with them. It will be for them life-saving and for us a little help. But our brain is designed to protect ourselves. It is not designed to help others.

Help comes from inside our hearts. I know inside all of us, we all want to help others. This is a Universal Law, when we help others, we find happiness, joy, and peace. But due to a lot of scams and traps, we are now a little scared, about whom, we should help. Is that person going to cheat me and trick me, People stopped the idea to help others until they are sure that are trustworthy and genuine.

People are not helping others, because of the experience they have faced and heard from somewhere. If you take a look all over the world, there are many people who have no food, shelter, job, or money to survive. If we will not come out of our shells to help them, this thing will increase and Richer will be richer, Poor people will be poorer.

As human beings, we all have a heart and a beautiful soul. We love to help others In a study held at Columbia University, they divided people into two groups and asked people who are depressed and emotionally not fit to help others, the result was shocking. They found that people who helped others are less depressed and felt happy inside.

The Author Joshua Barker and his team did a survey for his Book ‘Things that matter

Survey was -

which generally gives you a greater Joy, answer was shocking-

60% of people answered helping others

25% of people own their desires

15% of people were unsure

That survey showed that people feel joy and happiness when they help others. What things are stopping them? Helping each other is a great way to live in the same society. But when it comes to the people who are less fortunate, how can we approach them, it is hard as they are out of their society, skeptical and concerned for their security.

Now the question is How can we reach out to help them?

Now things are getting easy people who are dedicated to this charity work are initiating and raising funds so that everyone can participate to help the less fortunate. There are many Charity organizations, and fundraising apps available now. If you are fed up with a lot of charity and fundraising programs, just choose anyone that you can continue helping and also can satisfy your soul.

15 years back from now when I was visiting a temple with my parents, that time I was pursuing a professional Degree in Corporate Law. My heart was melt when I saw, that there are very poor people not having food, clothes, or shelter, and kids are not getting an education. That melts my heart and it became my dream to help poor and needy people through NGOs and charity Organizations.

Time passed as I finished my studies, got married, and then had kids, life was going well as other people’s life. But due to transformation in my life, I bend to more spirituality and started to read about the world, and all religions. Every religion talks about peace, love, and humanity. It feels like God was pushing me to fulfill my dream, the purpose of my life.

One day, a person who is Pastor in Kenya and helps Orphan kids contacted me online. He was running an Orphanage with 25 to 30 kids. I was a little skeptical initially about how can we give money online. But my heart was not listening to this, I asked him to send Orphanage documents so he did send all paperwork and all the kid’s pictures and by seeing them my heart was melt, they don’t have food, clothes, and proper shelter.

He is a pastor and serves in church and also runs Orphanage. It’s hard to earn money there. But He has faith in God, and God was telling me to help Him. So I started fundraising to help him. I was not able to raise that many funds. People are not trusting and are skeptical about it so my husband and I decided to help them and we are sending money monthly for their food supply, and education and we helped them to install a water well there so that kids don’t need to walk miles to carry the water for their livelihood.

We are helping them with whatever is in our hands. It is one of my dreams to provide poor people the basic needs, I am fulfilling my soul’s desires, which give us Joy and happiness.

Everything was going fine as planned but the situation is never in our control. The pastor was coming from somewhere and he got a major accident, one of his friends got dead on the spot, His wife emailed me to help him with his treatment, and we are helping him for his treatment so that he can recover. It will be hard for her wife to run the orphanage alone if something happened to him. I request everyone pray for Him so that he can survive, and if anybody wants to support this cause, and can contribute, every help will always be appreciated, You can donate @ the following link. If anybody has any questions about it can DM me.

If we all are aware and feel the pain of other human beings who are less fortunate and hardly arrange their basic needs, we can contribute to making the world a better place. I am not saying to help all of them, If little help is done by one person, do it. It will be little for you but for him, it will change his whole life.

The bottom line is that if we talk about others to change the world, it will not happen until we will not initiate to help each other. Be the change that you want to see in this world. The world would become a better place to live.

Stay Healthy and Safe!!



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Ruby Sengar

Ruby Sengar

Author, founder of thehealthykingdom, blogger, mother, Nature & God lover