We all are connected with each other!!!

Ruby Sengar
5 min readAug 6, 2022

By Ruby Sengar

In earlier times, we all lived in different places, and because of that there were so much diversification. But due to globalization, we all started to visit and can connect any where, it started to minimize the differences.

In this digital age, Internet and social Media are using by lot of people and they getting same kind of inputs which are limited earlier to a certain group.

In my childhood, coming abroad was big thing for us, and I was thinking how the people look like outside and how the places, it would be, I felt like going abroad is like a going to different planets.

Now I feel all people are same just they have colors and apperance, and culture differences, because of genes and living in certain traditions. But all have beautiful souls and hearts. I feel amazed when I listened motivational speech of different background people. All are showering the same kind of love language.

It is Universally known that we are all the part of our mother nature. Have you ever thought how the world is driven. We all are connected, and get the same air, water and sunlight and live in the same planet and same Universe. If we look around us we all are giving contribution to each other, we are not living our life alone. Our actions may effect millions of life.

It can be understand by the great example. Coronavirus is originated in Wuhan in one person, and now it spread worldwide and took the horrible form of Pandemic, effected millions of life. Everyone know all the effects of Covid, no need to explain here.

I remember one day when I was receiving my kid, from the school. There was a huge rush in parking and everyone was running and in hurry. and that time one person gave a way to other person to move his/her car, and that person gave other person, that process went one by one. And traffic was cleared, If there will be a space of kindness in your heart and you will share other person and person to person it will be moved in unlimited count. But we never noticed, how your one action can impact a lot of people.

Take another example, If you are going late to office and your boos is angry at you. You will come home with bad mood and give your bad energy to other family members. And all family members will pass to others. If we will understand this point that your each every action either good or bad can impact numbers of people. You will be more careful everytime.

When I was reading a book , the author mentioned, lot of people in his life that helped him to succeed to write the book, and he explained how every person (either good experience or bad) has played role in his life. In the same way, we can say people are connected to each others life and contributing in others life.

The Author of ‘Peaceful life’- explains the importance of Mindfulness, whatever we do think and observe be mindful , and how we connect each other giving by two example-

  1. When the author was seeing cloud on the paper, he beautifully explained that if there will be no rain, if we have no cloud, if there is no rain, no plant are tree will be there and no plants and tree, there will be no paper.
  2. In another example, how a rose is connected with trash or Garbage, if rose will dry, it will go in Trash and become Garbage , And Garbage will go in soil and composition of it will help and nourish soil to grow the plants and flourish the rose.

If some one think that one help can not change the world, in fact a little help can change the life of millions, directly or indirectly. If every one do little help or effort, the world will change drastically.

Now in this digital time, we all are connected through social media Platform. It is way more easy now to influence millions of people through social Media.

If you will help others in your work and communities, it create a energy which circulate in the Universe and come back to you. I saw a very short video, may be so many people have seen here. A liltle help by one person created the circle of helping, and it transferred by one person to another and ultimately reach to the same person. It was showing the power that we all are connected.

Now a days, when I see my Linkedin Profile or other Social Media Pages. I am connected with people of different countries. All have the same essence of love, humanity and peace.

Now movies, It is widely connected and influence lot of people and create the same perception in numbers of people. It is ver sad when people misuse of such a huge power and that is changing generations in a different way.

I was researching when the culture of saying ‘F….*’ started in the movie. In 1970, M*A*S*H became the first American film to use this word. Now you can see every person is learning the same vocabulary in their subconscious mind, and saying it unknowingly every time when they talk.

If you are showing your success, your vacation and happy moments. It impacts lot of people, some of them may happy but lot of people out there are not happy and feel envy and create negative emotions and response accordingly, and their negative or positive vibes come back to you.

If we will understand the value that each and every action have some cause and effects and can impact others as we all are connected, we will give great contribution to make this world a better place. If you are helping one person. And that person transfer another and this process will continue.

You can not imagine even your action can impact generations. We all have that powers if we become a responsible citizen and human beings and teach the same to our kids, we can create a better society and world.

The bottom line is that as we all are connected, we have great responsibility to create better society, community and the world. We all can do it with our own capacity and skills that we have in our own way.

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Stay Healthy and Safe!!

Ruby Sengar

Author, founder of thehealthykingdom, blogger, mother, Nature & God lover